Roland Dyens – The great composer has passed away

One of the greatest musicians of all time passed away, French guitarist and composer, Roland Dyens. He was especially highly influential for me during my undergraduate career. His music was visceral, complex, and soulful. I had the opportunity to study with him in the late nineties and I commonly include one of his works in my concert programs, and recorded his “Libra Sonatine”. He will be missed, but his music will live on…

Roland Dyens
During my studies with Roland Dyens, France (circa 1997).













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New Performance Videos Released

overheadFull HD videos for May The Notes Be With You (first & second movements) and Shapeshifting (second movement) have been released. These pieces are featured in the new edition of the seminal publication Pumping Nylon by Scott Tennant. Sheet music for May The Notes Be With You (performance edition with alternate passages) and the complete score of Shapeshifting (1st and 2nd movements) are both available for instant download at online store.



May The Notes Be With You (1st movement) by Evan Hirschelman

 May The Notes Be With You (2nd movement) by Evan Hirschelman

Shapeshifting (2nd movement) by Evan Hirschelman