Compositions and video for “Pumping Nylon”

Evan Hirschelman Pumping Nylon Video
Evan Hirschelman recording for Pumping Nylon

I recently recorded some new compositions for the Pumping Nylon video (Alfred Publications). The written scores will also be included in the new edition of Scott Tennant’s seminal classical guitar book, Pumping Nylon. For those in the classical guitar world, this book needs no introduction; it is arguably the most popular book on this subject (and rightfully so). It is so much fun to have my pieces included in this publication, as I remember being a teenager and working out of it. It’s weird how things end up…


Photo 1: Playing my first piece in the morning. (Philip Woodfield guitar)

Photo 2: The entire crew, after my shoot. (Kenny Hill guitar)

Photo 3: My performance was the last scene of the entire video. It’s a wrap!

Evan Hirschelman with the crew
The video crew at Alfred Publications















Pumping Nylon Scene 97. Last one of the entire video.
Pumping Nylon – Scene 97, Day 4. Last one of the entire video.