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All Strings Considered interviews Evan Hirschelman. In Fall of 2013, Evan was interviewed by Scott Wolf about his compositions, guitar technique, and finding an original voice. You can stream the interview/live performance here:




Episode 34 – Evan Hirschelman

Evan HirschelmanEvan Hirschelman stopped by for an espresso and to talk about his music, his upcoming technique book Classical Guitar Chops, and his inspired take on extended techniques in his text, Acoustic Artistry: Tapping, Slapping, and Percussion Techniques for Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar. To exemplify these techniques, we will listen to Evan’s homage to steel-string, fingerstyle guitarist, Michael Hedges, and hear how that composition later paved the way for Evan to write another Hedges-influenced work for the Grammy Winning Los Angeles Guitar Quartet’s album, Guitar Heroes. You’ll hear Evan discuss his compositional style and process, speak on finding an original voice in interpretation, and of course, get to know Evan’s recordings, including an exclusive All Strings Considered live performance of his new work, Meditation. -Scott Wolf
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